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Muggle Fest!

As the great day approaches, I know we are all getting ready for the 7th and Final Harry Potter Book. The city in which I live (er...well, basically live) is one of the many cities to plan celebrations. Most of the stores are participating. For example, our Old Port Candy Co. is Honeydukes. One of the bookstores, Books Etc, is Flourish and Blott's, so for and so on.

My friend and I decided we wanted in, so we got ourselves a booth at muggle fest! We're selling scrolls that we've designed on photoshop and printed out on aged paper!

We've also got a shrinking potion, the Felix Felicis, Wolfsbane and scrolls about the Phoenix, the Basilisk and the Werewolf.

What is everyone else doing for HP? Just reading? Dressing up? Remember to post pictures here!
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Party games!

Don't tell me this wouldn't be a fun party game, like for a relay race or something --

-- you buy a box of popsicles with jokes on the sticks. Everyone gets a partner. One partner reads the question part of the joke to the other partner, then eats the popsicle as fast as they can while their partner tries to guess the answer part of the joke (which is revealed as you eat the popsicle).

The winning team is the first one to both finish the popsicle and correctly guesses the joke! (No cheating!)

This is doable because those riddles are so damn corny, but challenging because of brainfreeze.

I thought of this today, so I think falco_conlon and I will be trying it out soon.